Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor


Ventis Pro Gaswarngeräte

Connected safety is the way of the future. With the Ventis® Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor, you have the flexibility to choose how you want your teams to connect. Whether you want peer-to-peer alarm sharing, remote live monitoring with location details, or a combination of the two, the Ventis Pro5 has you covered. In addition to gas detection, the Ventis Pro5 features a dedicated man-down alarm, panic button, and custom on-screen messages making it easy for workers to communicate and operate.

  • Gleichzeitige Überwachung von bis zu fünf Gasen mithilfe flexibler Sensorkonfigurationen
  • Gewappnet für härteste Bedingungen dank der IP68-Bewertung und einer Guaranteed for Life™ Garantie
  • Improve team and site safety by locally sharing alarms and gas readings between Ventis Pro5 gas monitors
  • Increase situational awareness by receiving real-time location and alarm data directly from Ventis Pro5 gas monitors to iNet Now live monitoring software
  • Track assets and people in real-time with iAssign® technology
  • Transition seamlessly from personal monitoring to confined space entry and eliminate the need for extra equipment by using the Ventis® Slide-on Pump
  • Mit oder ohne integrierte Pumpe erhältlich

Configure your Ventis Pro5 Gas Detector

The Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor can be configured with a variety of features to meet your needs. Select from a range of detection capabilities, certifications, sensors, wireless options, languages, and accessories.


Ventis Pro5 Configurator

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