Industrial Scientific Welcomes New Owner, Fortive Corporation

Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to become a Fortive Corporation operating company as a member of their Field Solutions platform. The new ownership will provide Industrial Scientific with additional capacity to accelerate the company’s vision of eliminating death on the job by the year 2050. Fortive (NYSE: FTV) is a public company that was a part of Danaher Corporation until July... Read More

Tango TX1 Update – Full of Exciting New Features

Single-gas users, rejoice! The Guaranteed for Life™ Tango TX1 now offers enhanced safety features that make owning and using the Tango easier than ever before. Take a tour of all the new features by watching our video series below.   What’s New in Tango TX1 Version 1.8?  Acknowledgeable Gas Alerts If you have workers in environments with frequent and expected gas exposures, you know they can easily become desensitized... Read More

Unveiling the Why Behind LENS™ Wireless Gas Detection

How many times in a work day do you find yourself trying to do your job without all of the necessary information? How often does that lack of information put your safety at risk? When it comes to working with traditional gas detectors, you are often left to guess what to do when an instrument starts beeping and flashing. Should you run toward an unidentified alarm to help a peer, or should you evacuate the area and call for... Read More

Introducing the Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitor

Introducing the Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitor In the gas detection business, we hear a lot of stories about tragic things that happen on industrial worksites. The hardest to hear as equipment manufacturers are stories where workers were put into dangerous situations that could have been avoided. While doing early voice-of-customer work for a new area monitor project, a safety technician told me that the standard response to area monitors in alarm  was to evacuate the... Read More

Welcome to The Monitor Blog!

If you’ve ever used gas detectors on the job, chances are you’ve scratched your head once or twice wondering why your monitor wouldn’t stop beeping, whether it really needed to be calibrated, or if you were supposed to evacuate every time you heard an alarm. Or maybe you feel confident in your gas detector expertise, but you want to know about the latest technology and techniques so you can improve the safety culture at your... Read More

The Ventis Goes Pro

The Ventis Goes Pro It’s a great night in the NFL. The 2016 NFL draft is where a number of college athletes will be turning pro and beginning their professional careers. Many young men are sitting by their phones hoping for the call from a team that has their name on the draft board and anxiously waiting to hear their names be called out. It’s been a great week at Industrial Scientific too! This past Monday, we celebrated the launch of our... Read More

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